Complete Health and Wellbeing Retreat

Complete Health and Wellbeing Retreat

Recently Kingsholme held a 2-day complete health retreat. There were 5 interactive sessions, with great speakers covering topics such as digestive health, spiritual health, mental health, fitness and more.

The speakers included Christina Mathewson, who is passionate about seeing people utilise natural methods of healing and staying healthy. Christina is a qualified naturopath and mother of 7.

We also heard from Miranda Stott, a pastor of River City New Norfolk, speaking on spiritual health. Our resident fitness guy and healing evangelist, Chris Venables demonstrated the importance of fitness and healing through the power of God.

We also heard from Heidi Esthers who is recently from Germany, who has recovered from MS using the amazing capacity of the brain to heal the body. Heidi has been a psychologist and nurse for many years, she offers much insight into the inner workings of the human brain.

Kingsholme intends to hold this and similar seminars usually as a two-day retreat. Everyone is welcome to attend especially those contemplating a healthier lifestyle and those interested in learning more in a relaxed environment or those who are passionate about complete wellness.

We would love to have you come and experience Kingsholme, a place of hope.
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